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Tammy VanZant

For the first time, Tammy Michelle VanZant, daughter of Ronnie VanZant (Lynyrd Skynyrd) shares her heart in
her song "Freebird Child". 
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Sarah LaFon

Combine Sarah's uniquely beautiful voice with a cool, eclectic blend of contemporary tunes and you have a
CD you can never get enough of! 
Includes a combination of original songs with
a few classics mixed in.   

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TwinMinster is Michael and Richard Andre, twin talented brothers who hail from South Africa, whose desire it is to impact the world musically and spiritually through the message of their songs!  With hints of fresh classic British pop, to timeless American soulfulness, they plan to take their music & message to the US and beyond!   Michael and Richard have had an extensive and yet an even more interesting/uinque time in building their music careers. As a drummer and guitarist, they were drafted at an early age into the South African Defense Force into the Music Corp where they performed for and entertained the troops. After finishing their duties in the military, they both joined the South African Broadcasting Corp where they worked in radio and television. It was through that experience they made contacts that eventually took them to London where they were offered a secular singles recording contract distributed by EMI. While the record wasn't a huge commercial success, it did give them a good taste of the music business in addition to some incredible insight and invaluable experience.   With all of the ongoing political unrest in South Africa, they returned home and soon purchased a recording studio from South African artist Johnny Clegg & Savuka, where they ran a successful studio business for number of years overseeing hundreds of Gospel/Christian related projects. Again, this gave them even more to draw upon creatively speaking, which has now lead to their current careers and passion of being Christian recording artists.   TwinMinister definitely has something to say, not just to the Christian community but to the world as a whole. Michael and Richard's life experiences have woven a rich fabric that they now hope to share with others on their journey with Christ. In a world so confused and misguided, they feel they have an amazing opportunity to reach out to people everywhere with real life stories of hope and redemption built from personal experience.   With powerful inspiring songs of testimony like "Unless You Live In Me", "Pour Your Spirit" and "I Never Wondered", you will be drawn in by their sincerity of heart and soul in renewing and the deepening of faith!   Their quest and passion for their faith and artistry has recently led them to the US to begin recording a project produced by Robert White Johnson (Celine Dion, Larnell Harris, Kathy Triccolli, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Beach Boys, Al Denson and The Martins).  Johnson feels the group of songs are incredibly powerful with melodies that will not leave you, and messages that are meant for this time!   Look for TwinMinister....... Listen to TwinMinister....... Hope to see you soon!


A new web comedy featuring Sarah Lafon's  song "And You Are Mine". 
Visit the trailer for a preview.

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